Sketches & Speeches: “The Corporate Murder Leadership Seminars Sketch”

Bill: Evil spirit’s axe focus seems inefficient. I mean had to go a long way to retrieve that axe, right? Probably passed by dozens of other perfectly good murder-implements. I’m just saying, diversify, it could be great for your growth potential.
Mike: Maybe he should sign up for one of your corporate murder leadership seminars?
Bill: Well, I wasn’t going to say anything, but thanks, Mike. Yeah, my seminars would be perfect for him, and maybe some of you out there. Only $500 per session and you get a complimentary copy of my murder efficiency book, Who’s Got Time To Kill.

“The Corporate Murder Leadership Seminars Sketch” pulled from RiffTrax: Fever Lake.


One thought on “Sketches & Speeches: “The Corporate Murder Leadership Seminars Sketch”

  1. Sessions are super popular, but the meet and greets that follow can be a bit “jarring”. Some people want to put that new knowledge to use right away.


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