Sketches & Speeches: “The Missal to the Moon Sketch”

Bill: So, um, they’re referring to a rocket, right, and not ‘missal’ as in the Catholic prayer book?
Mike: Well, if the shot of the huge, fiery, non-Catholic prayer book and the non-Catholic prayer book spelling of ‘missile’ is any tip-off then yeah.
Bill: Still, when we use up the Earth we’re going to need to populate the moon, and the Catholics are going to have to get their missals there somehow. I mean, how do you think they’re going to do it?
Mike: Missiles?
Bill: Missiles, exactly. And when that day comes, what do you think the headline for the newspaper story about Catholics sending their prayer books into space is going to be?
Mike: Missal—
Bill: “—Missal to the Moon! Ah, I look forward to that day. I mean the Earth has been destroyed, but it’s almost worth it for a headline that good.

“The Missal to the Moon Sketch” pulled from RiffTrax: Missile to the Moon – Three Riffer Edition.