Sketches & Speeches: “The Ed McMahon Serious Threat Sketch”

Bill: These aliens move like barges. They’re too slow to be a serious threat.
Mike: Well, that’s what people said about Ed McMahon and then he’d be all up in your grill before you knew what hit you.
Bill: Jeez, what a terrifying thought.
Kevin: Hey, I lived it you guys. Once I saw Ed McMahon a block away on Sunset Boulevard. It seemed safe, so I shouted “Star Search is for wankers.” He sprinted at me like a demon, grabbed me by the throat, and cursed me to the high heavens. I thought I was gonna die. Then, Ed McMahon zoomed away just as quickly. He vanished like he was a shadow of a greater force then we know here on Earth… a dark force… much darker. I’m trembling just remembering it.
Mike: Still, he did a decent job with Carson.
Kevin: Oh yeah. True.

“The Ed McMahon Serious Threat Sketch” pulled from RiffTrax: Battlefield Earth.