Sketches & Speeches: The “What Am I Looking At?” Sketch

Movie: Look!
Mike: —At what? What am I looking at? That? The explosion? Is that what I’m supposed to be looking at?
Bill: No, look. Nevermind.
Mike: Or do you mean the wobbly ship? Is that what you want me to look at it? Because obviously I was looking at it when you said look—
Bill: —Okay, point taken. You don’t have to be such a—
Mike: —It’s kind of hard to ignore. It fills up half the sky. Yet, you felt compelled to say “look” like I’m some kind of an idiot.
Bill: Hey, I was alarmed. I didn’t—
Mike: —No, you didn’t think did you? See, I’m the bloody doctor here, right? Me! My powers of observation can easily kick your powers of observation’s ass. Wait, what just happened?

The “What Am I Looking At?” Sketch pulled from RiffTrax: Dr. Who: Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.