Sketches & Speeches: The “Body Sacks” Sketch

Bill: You know Lupe, I love using burlap for my body sacks. Sturdy, yet light and breathable.
Mike: I don’t know, Jim. You gotta wash burlap in cold or it shrinks like crazy. Personally, I’m partial to a nice cotton duck, maybe a muslin—it just holds up better to dead guys.
Bill: But it’s got to be breathable?
Mike: Oh yeah. I mean, it’s gotta be.
Bill: How about a synthetic? Like maybe olefin? Huh? Huh? Sturdy, comes in a lot of great colors. Washes like a dream.
Mike: Nah, but it’s just not breathable.
Bill: No, huh?
Mike: No. Dick buried a guy in oliphant once, and it just didn’t rot. Gotta be breathable.
Bill: Gotta be breathable.

Riff pulled from RiffTrax: Supersonic Man.