Sketches and Speeches: “The Signal Lamp Sketch.”

Mike: A signal lamp trying to tell us something. Kevin, please decode.
Kevin: Yes… ‘beware this movie is by the director of Birdemic. Turn back now. Don’t you hear the foreboding music. I’m playing it on my Bose sound bar to warn you away.’
Bill: You have a Bose sound bar, Signal Lamp?
Kevin: ‘Look, scram you idiots—ah, forget it! Signal Lamp out.’

“The Signal Lamp Sketch” is the first riff from RiffTrax: Replica.

One thought on “Sketches and Speeches: “The Signal Lamp Sketch.”

  1. if it changes color then it’s signalling time for a bathroom break for the bladder challenged…or maybe if it’s even on…after all this movie is by the director of Birdemic…How much can you miss?


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