Sketches & Speeches: The “Zombies Reminiscing” Sketch

Bill: Meanwhile the zombies are out there drinking PBR and reminiscing—hey Jenkins, you old undead bastard. I haven’t seen you since the ’62 apocalypse.
Mike: Yeah, my flesh rotted a bit more, but I found some slightly less tattered rags to wear. Pretty sweet, huh?
Bill: Nice, yeah.
Kevin: Wait. Whoa. Guys. Guys. Wait a minute. Are they—they’re boarding the doors. Whoa!
Bill: Whoa! Hey fellows we better call this one off. They are boarding the doors.
Kevin: Whoo.
Bill: Scared.
[All laugh]
Mike: Ah, we have fun, huh?
Bill: We do. Being zombies.
Kevin: Brains… Brains.

The “Zombies Reminiscing” Sketch pulled from RiffTrax Live: Night of the Living Dead.